Kerisa Greene Illustration


I love creating playful, fun, whimsical designs that make you smile. My extensive knowledge in strategic marketing seamlessly flows into every design decision that is made while I'm creating for my clients.  It can be tough out there with so many other businesses and products but together we will make sure that you stand out in the flock.  

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Hello there, I'm Kerisa and I am so excited to meet you!


My name is Kerisa Greene. I’m an illustrator and designer specializing in cute and colorful creations. I’m originally from Southern California but now call Key West, Florida home (for now). With plans to travel and illustrate around the world we will soon be calling a custom built truck our home on wheels.

Most of my career has been spent as a graphic designer with a few odd and end jobs relating to working with kids. I love creating playful, fun, whimsical designs that make you smile. Telling stories through images is my passion. My illustrations are usually kid centric with an added dash of cute and colorful with a textured graphic feel.

As a child I wrote and illustrated stories and continue to love telling stories. I grew up watching Curtoon time every Sunday morning with a pencil and paper in hand. My favorite gifts a kid were those Learn To Draw books, my favorite of which was my Bambi edition. So I guess the path towards becoming an illustrator started long before I even knew it.

If I’m not drawing or designing you can usually find me walking our Australian Cattle dog, Babee, or swimming in the ocean with my husband. Food is my weakness, especially anything that includes rice or pasta in the dish. One of my guilty pleasures is watching baking and cooking shows even though I am a terrible chef in the kitchen. School supplies make me happy and being creative fills me with joy. I feel lucky to do what I love as a living and can’t wait to get know you!




0 5 .  FAVORITE TV SHOW: The Office & baking shows

0 6 .  CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT: coffee... I've tried

0 7 .  PERSONAL STYLE: comfy, beachy, casual

0 8 .  WILL ALWAYS LAUGH AT: a great pun

0 1 .  WARDROBE STAPLE: yoga pants

0 2 .  GUILTY PLEASURE: watching animal documentaries

0 3 .  GO TO DESSERT: chocolate chip cookies

0 4 .  CURRENT LOCATION: the Florida Keys


I LOVE TO travel, EAT ramen, I'M OBSESSED WITH sloths, AND AM THANKFUL FOR my husband!